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Dealing with personal debt can affect your physical and mental wellbeing, particularly where it has arisen due to a sudden and unexpected change in your income and personal circumstances.

You are not alone. The economic crash in 2008 and more recently the COVID 19 crisis has caused significant and lasting financial uncertainty and worry for people in Ireland and the world, particularly where household income has reduced. It is a widespread problem and there are currently tens of thousands of mortgage loans in arrears for two years or longer.

When you fall into arrears on your mortgage and other debts fall it automatically triggers enforcement action from your lenders who often put you under pressure to bring these arrears up to date under threat of further action. This has a spiralling effect as your lender will often take a more aggressive stance if you do not engage or if you cannot follow through on revised repayment agreements.

If you are in financial difficulty and in arrears on your mortgage or other loans, we can help you. We will assess your situation and devise a viable and sustainable solution which takes full account of your financial circumstances. In the vast majority of cases the solution will enable you and your family to remain in your home.

We understand that you often feel isolated and fearful and find it difficult to talk to your family and friends about your situation.


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Solutions to debt problems


Many people have preconceived ideas about personal insolvency. They often equate it with going bankrupt and/or losing the family home and consequently that it only applies to a small number of people or situations. That is not the case.

In 2013 the Personal insolvency Act 2012 was introduced, and it was amended in 2015. It provides a wide range of options to enable people in all kinds of debt difficulty to find a viable and sustainable solution to their situation with the assistance of a personal insolvency practitioner (PIP). The legislation is widely regarded as the most effective personal insolvency legislation in the world as it provides a mechanism for a Personal Insolvency Practitioner to seek a write down of mortgage (secured) and unsecured debts.

The legislation provides a clear framework to deal with personal and mortgage debt and some ground-breaking and innovative solutions have been devised by PIPS which were unimaginable in 2013.

We were one of the first Personal Insolvency practices to be authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland and to date have successfully advised hundreds of people and families throughout Ireland. We have built a reputation for quality, efficiency and expertise and have an enviable track in devising innovative and sustainable solutions for people in all types of challenging situations.

There are 4 types of solution available.



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Maurice Lenihan is authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland as a Personal Insolvency Practitioner – Authorisation No. PA00009.